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Growth Series


 In a Growth Series members focus on a specific topic. We facilitate online conversations and activities, share resources, and more.

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Join the creative, inspiring, and motivating community of  women that are  expanding their knowledge and experiences in order to become the best versions of themselves. 

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Upcoming Events


LIVINMYO members are  invited to attend exclusive events that pair with Growth Series. ** 

Every time you interact with the LIVINMYO business and community—it fills you up, pushes you to a new level, and leaves you wanting more. 



Abby & Lauren believe that LIVIN isn't about a perfect balanced life but rather about an authentic intentional life where we must embrace imperfections, learn from failures, celebrate success, and surround ourselves with women that challenge and encourage us every day. 

Signature Series


It's always an honor to interview resources and hear their story.  

 The Signature Series is a featured part of our blog where resources  share their tips/tricks, tell their story, or just encourage our community in their own words.  

Inspired by You


The concept of LIVINMYO was inspired by women we know. 

#InspiredbyYou features women that  we strive to be more like. They are your friends, sisters, co-workers, and women in your tribes. 

We encourage members to email  nominees to LIVINMYO, and we might feature your nominee  in a Growth Series. 

**LIVINMYO Events will have an additional cost from membership and will vary for each Growth Series.   Currently all Exclusive Events are held in Southeast Wisconsin.


Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, United States

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